Blog Mission - Mando Diao Street Team – An Instruction Manual

Mando Diao Street Team – An Instruction Manual

With the foundation of an
official Mando Diao street team you acquire a title of multifaceted jobs with
exclusive requitals. To make sure that your team is running with the highest
efficient, here some instructions:

1.  Installation : The more team-members, the
better the efficiency. Find as much members as possible, but please note: Check
if they are willing to take part in the actions, otherwise you may have more
work to elate them for the missions!

         Mind the most important installation feature: The team
needs to be build up to a community. 

            Here are some approved methods:

                       - regular and
relaxed meetings

                       - keep discussions going between the members

                       - make jokes, have fun

hidden weapon: gustaf björn cj mats sam

               (order flexible,
needs to adjust to team- members!)

2.  Attendance: Make sure new team members feel
welcome. A nice “hello” can motivate them, taking part in every action. Watch
also for the older members. They need encouragement too. Keep in mind: They
have experience.

Make fun to the most important aim in your team!!! 

3.  Setup Instructions: Need to be done for every
new team-action. Show flexibility if it comes up to find new ideas and dates.
Take every member serious and find the best person for the right job.

If your team has to deal with a poster or sticker mission, form small groups.
They are less time consuming and have a higher fun-rate (see: Attendance).

Troubleshooting (If your
team doesn´t run as desired):

1.  All kind of problems: No Panic!!! ;)

2.  Timing problems: Street teams have a self
regulating function. Usually they achieve every job, even if it is a last
minute job. Just keep on pushing them to their limits.

3.  Motivation problems: Advice your team-members
of the exclusive requitals (Meet&Greets, Tickets e.g.) and points, points,
points. Remind their Citizen status! Plus mention the fabulous auctions on
the page (the more points they have, the better the chances to get the special

4.  Sympathy problems between team-members: A very
rare problem, that mostly can be solved using the installation-function “
gustaf björn cj mats sam”. You can achieve the best results if you connect this
function with a party-meeting or a concert-meeting.

Guarantee: All technical
advices were successfully tested by the Dresden Street Team. 

Streetteaming is
fairly fantastic for it even makes me feel somewhat closer to the band, just by
getting to meet them and being asked form my opinion in those polls. Sometimes
it feels like a fulltime-employment, worrying about getting the mission-results
in in time, fixing dates with the other members, a lot of thinking, writing
stuff like this and editing and editing and editing it, because it just has to
be good. I would be a liar if I said that it wasn´t fun to do it, so I don´t
give a toss about it and I´ll just keep going.

– President Street Team Dresden

I hope to see Mando Diao live again as
soon as possible, ideally with the Unit together again. I think our Unit, the „
Dresden Special Unit“, is the greatest of all. You guys

Sumisu – Member Street Team Dresden

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